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   The Protect Wildlife Activity (Protect), a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) technical assistance grant to the Government of the Philippines (GPH), conducted a two-day seminar entitled “Orientation of Integrated Landscape Approach for Improving Governance and Management of Protected Areas and RDE Support for Conservation in Zamboanga City”, last February 21 and 22, 2017 and was attended by Kristalyn Jarical (Supervising Geologist) and Elsa Dolotina (Senior Science Research Specialist) of MGB-IX.


    This two-day orientation was conducted under the following objectives:

  1. Convene and orient the TWGs (FLUP and management planning) with respect to their roles, responsibilities, and how the Protect Wildlife Project can support planning, capacity building, and legitimizing activities;
  2. Discuss the principles and practice of the Integrated Ecosystem Management (IEM) landscape approach in support of conservation planning and management with Zamboanga City and Tawi-Tawi as the seascapes-landscapes;
  3. Present the GIS-generated policy-designated land and resource uses in Zamboanga City and identify the next actions for the TWGs to validate the policy-designated land uses leading to the legitimization of commonly-agreed land and resource uses at the city, barangay, and management unit levels;
  4. Present the overall findings and recommendations of the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) assessment in Zamboanga City–Tawi-Tawi seascapes-landscapes;
  5. Conduct a workshop for the FLUP and Protected Areas (PA) planning TWGs to generate 3-6 month activity plans; and
  6. Generate an initial draft of Research Development and Education (RDE) agenda with specific client-oriented priority research and policy needs, formal and informal curricula development and extension initiatives for Zamboanga City as a seascape-landscape. 

DSC 0280Protect in Zamboanga City is being implemented in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the City Government of Zamboanga. The role of DENR is to assist the local government of Zamboanga in the updating of the Protected Area Management Plans of Pasonanca Natural Park (PNP) and the Great and Little Sta. Cruz Islands (GLSCI) Protected Landscape and Seascape (PLS) and in the formulation and mainstreaming of Forest and Land Use Plan (FLUP) in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP). Consequently, as one of the bureaus under DENR that provides technical assistance, MGB-IX was enjoined to become members in two of the three Technical Working Groups (TWGs) created  and to take part in the activities contemplated in this undertaking. 


contributed by: Kristalyn Jarical (GSD)