January 11, 2017  Job Vacancy for Publication


 Employment Status: Job Order

Qualification Standard:

        Education: Bachelor's degree of Computer Engineering/Computer Sciences/Information Technology
                          One(1) year of relevant experience Network, Database and Information System Management
        Training:     Four(4) hours of relevant training


Actual Duties and Responsibilities:

        1. Manages network and monitors its uptime performance;
        2. Maintains and monitors all information and Communication Technology(ICT) equipment and provides updated ICT inventory;
        3. Studies, evaluates and recommends the appropriate hardware and software to be used by the office;
        4. Trains and disseminates the staff on ICT hardware, software and information system implementation;
        5. Develops, updates, manages and monitor office website;
        6. Evaluates, consolidates ICT requirement of each division for inclusion in the information System Strategic Plan (ISSP);
        7. Coordinates and submits ICT reports being required by the MGB Central Office; and
        8. Evaluates MGB Central Database.