Downloadable Forms   
GEO.GEG.00.F.001 - Client / Project Information Sheet Download
Geohazard Identification Survey (GIS) / Geological Site Scoping (GSS) Download
Geohazard Certification Application Form Download
Site Suitable Assessment  Download
 Exploration and Mining   
Application and Exploration Permit form   Download 
Exploration Permit form  Download 
Outline for a Project Feasibility Study form   Download 
Exploration Work Program form  Download 
Application for Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) form  Download
Three-Year Development / Utilization Work Program form  Download
Application for Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement (FTAA) form  Download
Application for a Special Exploration Permit  Download
Special Exploration Permit form  Download
Small Scale Mining  
Application for Small Scale Mining form  Download
MGB Form 29-1 To 29-21  
MGB 29-01 Min-GOLD Download
MGB 29-02 Copper Download
MGB 29-03 Metallurgical Chromite Download
MGB 29-04 Refractory Chromite Download
MGB 29-05 Nickel Download
MGB 29-06 Iron Download
MGB 29-07 Manganese Download
MGB 29-08 Lead Download
MGB 29-09 MET - Zinc Download
MGB 29-10 FTAA-MPP Download
MGB 29-11 Quarry, SSM- prod QResources Download
MGB 29-12 ISAG Download
MGB 29-13 CSAG Download
MGB 29-14 Quarterly Report For SSM No Gold Download
MGB 29-15 Producing Gold Download
MGB 29-16 (Revised) Integrated Annual Report Download
MGB 29-17 (Revised) Annual Report, SSM (Annual Report SSM Permittee) Download
MGB 29-18 Quarterly Energy Consumption Report Download
MGB 29-19 Annual Mineral Resource, Reserved (Outside Mineral Reserve) Download
MGB 29-20 Monthly Report For SSM (WithinMineral Reserve) Download
MGB 29-21 Chemical Grade Chromite Download
 Zamboanga Sibugay 10K Maps Maps
Buug, ZS view
Kabasalan, ZS view
 July - 2014  
Titay, ZS view
RT Lim, ZS view
Diplahan, ZS view
Buug, ZS view
Zamboanga Sibugay 1:50,000 Maps   Map  Matrix
Alicia Municipality  view view
Buug Municipality view view
Diplahan Municipality view view
Imelda Municipality view view
Ipil Municipality view view
Kabasalan Municipality view view
Mabuhay Municipality view view
Malangas Municipality view view
Naga Municipality view view
Olutangga Municipality view view
Payao Municipality view view
Roseller T. Lim Municipality view view
Siay Municipality view view
Talusan Municipality view view
TItay Municipality view view
Tungawan, Municipality view view