As a continuous effort to promote health and wellness among its women and men employees of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau-IX, the Regional GAD Focal Point System (RGFPS) and the MGB Employee's Association (MGBEA-IX), spearheaded an Annual Physical Examination (APE) activity on Tuesday morning of July 14, 2020.
As a matter of implementing the safety protocol measures established by the Office and ensure that employees have minimal or non exposure to possible Covid-19 virus threats, the RGFPS and MGBEA Chapter Executive Board commissioned the mobile services of St. Vincent Diagnostic Center to conduct the said APE. Lab tests such as First Blood Sugar/Random Blood Sugar, Complete Blood Count, Uric Acid, Urinalysis, Chest X-ray and Electrocardiogram were taken from its employees.
RGFPS Focal Person, Ms. Jessica Lucero believes that MGB-IX employees, specially women, who take both workforce and reproductive roles, should undergo regular physical check ups to ensure that they are physically fit to render services to its clients and stakeholders especially with the advent of this Covid-19 pandemic.
Meanwhile, MGBEA President Emma Deverala, also emphasized that in order to provide better services to its clients and stakeholders, the general welfare, such as health and wellness program, should be made available to its employees. A healthy workforce determines work effectiveness and efficiency among the employees.
This undertaking is well supported by the management through the leadership of OIC, Regional Director Hernani G. Abdon who is also a champion in promoting health and wellness among its employees.