Downloadable Forms   
Megascopic Request Form Download
Geohazard Identification Survey (GIS) / Geological Site Scoping (GSS) Download
Geohazard Certification Application Form Download
Site Suitable Assessment  Download
 Exploration and Mining   
Application and Exploration Permit form   Download 
Exploration Permit form  Download 
Outline for a Project Feasibility Study form   Download 
Exploration Work Program form  Download 
Application for Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) form  Download
Three-Year Development / Utilization Work Program form  Download
Application for Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement (FTAA) form  Download
Application for a Special Exploration Permit  Download
Special Exploration Permit form  Download
Small Scale Mining  
Application for Small Scale Mining form  Download
MGB Form 29-1 To 29-21  
MGB 29-01 Min-GOLD Download
MGB 29-02 Copper Download
MGB 29-03 Metallurgical Chromite Download
MGB 29-04 Refractory Chromite Download
MGB 29-05 Nickel Download
MGB 29-06 Iron Download
MGB 29-07 Manganese Download
MGB 29-08 Lead Download
MGB 29-09 MET - Zinc Download
MGB 29-10 FTAA-MPP Download
MGB 29-11 Quarry, SSM- prod QResources Download
MGB 29-12 ISAG Download
MGB 29-13 CSAG Download
MGB 29-14 Quarterly Report For SSM No Gold Download
MGB 29-15 Producing Gold Download
MGB 29-16 (Revised) Integrated Annual Report Download
MGB 29-17 (Revised) Annual Report, SSM (Annual Report SSM Permittee) Download
MGB 29-18 Quarterly Energy Consumption Report Download
MGB 29-19 Annual Mineral Resource, Reserved (Outside Mineral Reserve) Download
MGB 29-20 Monthly Report For SSM (WithinMineral Reserve) Download
MGB 29-21 Chemical Grade Chromite Download