abdon atikon
Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it's done.”
This quote proved to be true today when MGB-IX had been announced No. 1 among the 15 regions for its 2020's performance during the 4th Management Conference last December 17, 2021 held at MGB Central Office.
Indeed, the efforts of the women and men of MGB-IX have paid off through the leadership of OIC, Regional Director Hernani G. Abdon, who proved that his first stint as an RD can lead MGB-IX to truly excel!
Overwhelmed by the said recognition, RD Abdon thanked everyone for their cooperation in his message during the 2021 Year-End Assessment, which consequently was also held on the same day. He further urged everyone to continue working together and ensure that the same dedication for excellence is sustained.
Well done, MGB-IX!