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The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)-Sta. Maria Sub-Station conducted a virtual lecture on fire safety tips and prevention on April 16, 2021. Fire Officer 3 Liz-Laudette Ratag gave a half-day online lecture via Zoom re laws, rules and regulations governing BFPs mandate including the different services they provide to the public.

This activity has been identified by the Disaster and Risk Reduction and Managment Team (DRRMT) of this Office as necessary to equip the women and men of MGB-IX in times of possible fire outbreak. To further equip the employees, an actual fire drill and demo on the proper use of a fire extinguisher was also facilitated by BFP Fire marshalls in the afternoon .

MGB-IX employees have actively participated during the demo and fire drill specifically in the identification of appropriate areas and evacuation procedures in case of fire, as they were also taught how to behave rationally amidst possible crisis.

One of the participants  expressed her appreciation on what she learned during the lecture and actual drill insofar as how to do preventive approach promoting safety consciousness in case of fire incidents.