As part of the continuing training on ISO 9001:2015, MGB-IX personnel who composed the Internal Audit Team, embarked in an intensive 4-day Training Course on QMS Internal Quality Audit last September 26-29, 2017 at the Alavar Seafood Restaurant, Zamboanga City.

Mr. Antonio Santos, ISO 9001:2015 resource person, assisted by Ms. Thernalyn Perfecto, project coordinator from Development Academy of the Philippines-Mindanao, has once again facilitated the training.

Day 1 started with understanding the requirements such as Interpreting the ISO 9001 requirements and Audit Objectives, Audit Terminologies, Pre-Training Test Discussion, Audit Planning. Participants were then asked to prepare an Audit Plan followed by Reflection and Session Integration at the end of the whole day session.

On the second day participants were taught about Audit Execution, Auditing Techniques Role Play Expectations Audit Reporting, Classifying Audit Findings and Documenting Audit Findings. At the end of the day’s session, participants were oriented on Presenting Audit Findings Reflection and a session integration was also conducted to recap the day’s activity.

During day 3, Mr. Santos gave a lecture on Audit Preparation and Verification of Effectiveness. After which the participants had a role-playing and situational problems that were presented in a role-play of Audit Findings.

The last day was reserved for discussion of the answers on situational problems, accomplishment of the Post Exam and Paper Presentation of the Role Play Audit Presentation of the Role Play Audit Findings.