MGB-IX convened for a three-day seminar workshop on QMS PLanning with Risk-Based Thinking Approach, as part of the on-going ISO 9001:2015 journey spearheaded by the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP).  OIC MMD Chief, Engr. Raul Calumpang gave the welcome remarks during the first day to set tone for the workshop, citing examples of personal experiences in dealing with clients satisfaction and the relevance of the workshop to the organization.


 Antonio Santos, an ISO 9001:2015 resource person and expert of the said standard, provided the Core Team an intense and comprehensive guidelines on how to manage risk-based thinking on all identified processes. This workshop intends to provide clarification on the requirements of the standard by looking into the processes where risks may arise and identify actions and opportunities to improve the same. He presented the levels of adequacy and gaps of MGB-IX's current system vis-a-vis the requirements of the standard as identified during the QMS Requirements and Documentation Initial Gap Assessment held mid of this year.

As an output of the workshop, the Core Team were made to present the Finalization of the Quality Management System Level Map, Description of the QMS Processes, Documentation of the Result of Analyses on Risks and Opportunities and the Integration of actions to address the same.