The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Central Office (MGB-CO) conducted  the 2017 Geoscience Workshop last January 16-21, 2017 at the Lima Park Hotel in capacity bldg  Malvar, Batangas. Attended by selected Geosciences Division (GSD) personnel coming from the different MGB regional offices in the country, MGB-IX's participants were in full force, headed by GSD Chief, Jessica N. Lucero and joined by three Supervising Geologists, Dr. Lawrence R. Zamoras, Ph.D. Kristalyn Faye B. JaricalPaul Asthor D. Yecyec and Senior Geologist, El-Jedidiah O. Villacampa

The Geosciences Division (GD) shall undertake land and marine geoscientific surveys, including mineral exploration, geological mapping, geohazard assessment, groundwater resource exploration and vulnerability assessment, and engineering geological and geo-environmental studies; and provide geological laboratory and information services.

It shall have the following section:

General and Economic Geology Section

  • Conducts geological mapping, and other specialized studies involving stratigraphy, structural geology and tectonics, and geomorphology, and among others;
  • Conducts mineral exploration, including characterization and modelling of mineral deposits;
  • Undertakes the evaluation of proposed mineral reservation;
  • Conducts validation and inventory of mineral resource
  • Assists in the evaluation of mining tenements in relation to mineral exploration;
  • Conducts Information, Education and Communication campaigns on geosciences, including geology, geohazard, rocks and mineral deposits, hydrology, among others.

        Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology Section

  • Conducts hydrogeological exploration and vulnerability assessment; and
  • Conducts geo-environmental studies, including assessment of possible solid waste disposal sites and studies on climate change and other environmental impacts, among others.

        Geohazard and Engineering Geology Section

  • Conducts geohazard and risk assessment, including hazard modelling, and engineering geological studies;
  • Conducts relocation/resettlement and evacuation site assessment in support to disaster risk reduction and management programs; and
  • Undertakes geological scoping and review of engineering geological and geohazard assessment reports.

Geological Laboratory Services Section

  • Provides services on geological laboratory analysis of minerals/ores, rocks, soil, sediments, fossils, water and other types of samples.